I've worn several hats over the course of my career: historian, architect, Naval Officer, planner, and most recently, as a consultant. Trained as an historian and an architect, I have a background that gives me an understanding of how systems evolve and the role that design can play in effecting cultural, economic, and social change. A systems thinker, I view every organization from the perspective of a system in balance.


How I Started Blogging

For a period of 6 years I was traveling internationally frequently and I found myself with a lot of free time in airports and hotel rooms. In addition to reading heavy doses of cyberpunk, history, philosophy, and physics, I started making notes in my sketchbook whenever a thought came to mind.

Sometimes they were observations on local culture, notes on how people queue in line at airports, or how a city developed, Over time I started writing about business, strategy, and general thoughts on how people relate to one another. Once I had filled several notebooks, I set up a blog and started entering my notes.


The Focus of the Blog

I blog about design, leadership, and technology. Each of these items are factors that are directly impacting our lives. Design is leadership and leadership is design; and technology is a force that can magnify the effects of what we design and how we lead. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of the impacts of our actions and decisions.

This broader awareness, or understanding, of how problems fit into a larger picture is what drives my work. I help people see the connections between disparate elements so that they can make more informed decisions as leaders. 

Travel and Education

I've currently traveled to over twenty-four countries on four continents for various consulting projects in the public and private sector. This experience has reinforced my view that small actions in our daily lives can make an impact on people in other parts of world due to the role of technology in our increasingly interconnected society.

I received a Master of Architecture degree with a focus on culture, landscape, and environmental design; and a B.A. in History with an emphasis on Modern Europe. 


Selected Presentations

Using Systems Architecture to Build Teams, Hello Tech Pros podcast, August 10, 2016.

Workshop Facilitation for Little City Development, at Markon Solutions, Fall Church, Virginia, June 2016.


Structuring and Amplifying Change, Human Current--The Complexity Podcast, January 2017.

Building a Networked Culture, Irish Tech News, January 2017.

A Practical Guide to Creative Leadership, Irish Tech News, December 2016.

Design, Technology, and Leadership are Directly Affecting Our Lives, Irish Tech News, July 2016.