Every market is emerging

Innovating in an emerging market is complicated because the conditions are always changing.

Successfully launching a new product in this sector requires a deep understanding of what people really need.

This article is interesting because it highlights that the "assumption of if we build it, they will come" doesn't work. There has also been success in combining business returns with social impact and it appears that traditional management techniques have produced only marginal returns.

It's easy for people to impress their thoughts on to others and imagine what people need to survive. Driven by profit, one can see the potential for almost any kind of product. Static methods of research and analysis are not effective in communicating the full scope of a problem that is always moving.

When one takes the view that every market is an emerging market, then this should change how we conceive of and create new products and services. It should also change how leadership and management teams operate in this kind of environment. 

The word agility comes to mind when thinking of how people need to move, think, and design. But, the process starts with understanding who are serving and this seems to be overlooked as people develop ideas for the future.