Scott Jancy consults with public, private, and non-profit organizations, running workshops and facilitating meetings with senior teams to help them gain a fresh perspective on their issues. He is highly valued for his ability to challenge executives's assumptions, provoke fresh thinking, and aims to leave clients with a new and broader perspective. He is most effective as an impartial sounding board, a sparring partner, to help leaders test ideas and then identify the pros and cons of proposed courses of actions.


Scott consults on a selective basis with leaders and senior teams on projects that can be as short as a facilitated meeting or longer to guide change initiatives. He is a problem definer and works to strengthen the client’s capacity to solve their own problems and manage uncertainty. Here are examples of his recent work:

  • Facilitated and guided the creation of new programs and services for a private sector client
  • Researched and provided guidance on the creation of a real estate development spin-off company
  • Developed and led the visioning and strategic planning process for a non-profit institution
  • Facilitated the merger of two non-profit organizations
  • Designed and implemented an organizational strategy for a public sector client that balanced project delivery team constraints, and information technology system and logistics requirements
  • Formulated strategic recommendations for a public sector client working overseas in response to changes in the global political environment
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Scott designs and builds workshops that generate ideas and challenges your thinking. He works closely with leadership teams to tailor events to the specific needs of the client and the issues that need to be addressed. As a facilitator, he helps leaders think through how to create new sources of value and adapt to continuous change. Recent engagements include:

  • Visioning workshop for a technology startup
  • Business model generation workshop for a consulting startup
  • Two day retreat to develop a conceptual plan for the future growth of a company
  • Two day executive retreat to build teamwork and develop creative leadership skills
  • Created feedback sessions to help a non-profit enhance it's relationship with it's customers